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Stop searching! You have found the place you’ve been looking for! Yes, that’s right, we are Microblading Milwaukee WI! We can give you that new and improved look where you have the perfect eyebrows and perfect makeup all the time!

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Microblading Milwaukee

Welcome to our company Microblading Milwaukee’s page! We are here to make people feel good as new and confident in their skin again. We have never been a company to think that we are covering up what you look like but enhancing all the beautiful features that you have.

Are you tired of feeling like you can’t get your best features to show through? Are you feeling lousy and insecure because you can’t get your face makeup to look just right? Well, Milwaukee Microblading is here to save the day! Milwaukee Microblading has our client's best interest at heart and wants what they are envisioning to become their reality.

Microblading eyebrows Milwaukee is a specialty that we hold along with Permanent Makeup Milwaukee. Permanent Makeup Milwaukee is exactly what it sounds like! It is permanent makeup that you don’t have to worry about touching up!

Just some popular services we provide are:

  • Microblading
  • Microshading
  • Permanent makeup (this includes things like permanent eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, etc)
  • Eyebrow tattoo
  • And much more!

About Microblading Milwaukee

Microblading Eyebrows Milwaukee WI has many great goals and values for its company. We find it key to have a great relationship with each other and with our customers. The more friendly and outgoing we are the more comfortable everyone is to be in the environment which means a successful workplace.

Milwaukee Permanent Makeup is a part of us that we are so proud of. Our customers have informed us how much they love having permanent eyeliner because it never smudges.

Some of our customers have even gone all out getting permanent eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush and they tell us how they love rolling out of bed and being ready for the day by just getting dressed! They say it saves them so much time and relieves the stress the night before worrying about what they will be doing for their makeup.

Our company is the best! We have the best microblading in Milwaukee. Not just our microblading job but our company as well along with our Permanent Makeup Milwaukee WI. Our services and products are held to such a high standard and we make sure that each of our clients gets the best work done on them as possible.

They love and appreciate how much time we take on them and how we don’t rush them and act like they are someone without a face that doesn’t matter and go through the motions. We work on having a relationship with every single customer so they know how seriously we take the work they want to be done.

Why Choose Microblading Milwaukee

Customers love choosing our company over others because at the beginning of their appointment we will sit down with them and talk about what they are wanting so then we don’t just make any assumptions. We take our time with them.

They love how we take the time to envision what they are seeing in their head and that we make it come to life. In some cases, we may recommend a different direction for them to go and sometimes they take it, and when they do they adore the results.

Just some things to know about our important company are:

  • Hard worker
  • Great customer service
  • Free estimate
  • Open on weekends
  • Certified professionals
  • Great at communication
  • Reasonable pricing

We have been around our community for several years. We are a company that many go to and know that they can count on us no matter what and that we will get the job done. You can give us a call at any day and any time during business hours and we will book you in our schedule and give you your free estimate and answer any further questions that you may have for us.

What to Expect from Microblading Milwaukee

We keep our standards very high. That includes with our services that our employees offer along with the products and equipment that we provide for them to work with. We don’t like anything being old or out of shape.

We keep things in a neat and orderly fashion and have a system for everything for our employees to follow. This keeps everything in check and for us to know how our products and equipment are looking. We need to know if we need to replenish items that are old and need to be thrown out and make sure that we are always up to date.

When receiving our company’s help it is a super simple process! You will start by calling us and booking your appointment. We will do whatever is most convenient for you of course and give you any the options of the appointments that are open.

We will give you your free estimate over the phone so you have any idea of the cost for when you come into our salon. We then will be happy to provide you with any further information that you are inquiring and or concerned about.

When you show up for your appointment we ask that you are ready and have time to be there for a couple of hours because it will take that long. We don’t want to rush your appointment because the work we do is almost all permanent and so we need to be able to take our time in every detail.

We will have the station ready to go for you by having it sanitized and cleaned from the previous client and we will have all the tools and equipment out and ready to use. Before we start we will ask about what you are envisioning so we make sure we give you exactly what you are picturing for yourself.

At the end of the appointment, some follow-ups so if what you come in needs that then we will schedule your next appointment with us, but if not then all you have to do is pay the cost and you will be on your way! Super easy!

In case you ever end up forgetting the name of our company and need ways to find us you can look up things such as eyebrow tattoo near me, microblading near me, eyebrow near me, microblading eyebrows near me, tattoo eyebrows near me, or permanent makeup near me. Certain things like that. Super simple and easy and you will find us no problem because those are services we provide.

Our Services

milwaukee microblading services

Microblading Eyebrows Milwaukee

Microblading eyebrows are where they use a tool that scratches pigment the color of your eyebrow into your eyebrow area with short strokes that give your eyebrows a nice full look to them while still looking natural!

milwaukee permanent makeup

Permanent Makeup Milwaukee

Permanent makeup is when you get tattoos of makeup on you. In some cases, it will be shaded just like eyeshadow looks on your eyelid they will shade it on to you. It is a tattoo and completely permanent.

milwaukee eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow Tattoos Milwaukee

Permanent eyebrows are tattoos. They don’t look natural like microblading or microshading, but you don’t have to do touch-ups and they still look nice! Tattoo brows are a popular thing that people get because they love having perfect eyebrows 100% of the time and not having to worry about them ever again.

milwaukee permanent makeup

Microshading Milwaukee

Microshading eyebrows are where a pigment gets scratched into the thin parts of your eyebrows that need filling out. They are just a bunch of little dots, so it is not the same as microblading.

Customer Reviews

Microblading brows by Microblading Milwaukee was probably the best thing I did for myself in a long time. I was always feeling so insecure about myself because my eyebrows are so thin and light. Now I have beautiful full, thick, and natural-looking eyebrows! It feels like a new me.

Lara L.

Permanent eyebrow tattoos always made me nervous because I was afraid that it wouldn’t look good and that it would just look blocky. The worker that was in charge of my appointment showed me the results of eyebrow tattoos that their company has done and they were outstanding! I decided to finally go in that direction and I am so happy I did! They look great and I don’t have to worry about them ever again.

Skylar O.

I went into Microblading Milwaukee in the past before because they did my tattoo eyebrows. This time I went in and they did permanent eyeliner along with permanent eyeshadow. I went for a more neutral look for the eye shadow and I am absolutely in love with the work that they did! Thank you so much for the time you took on making it all look so perfect! Now all I ever have to do is mascara!

Taylor K.

About Milwaukee WI

Milwaukee is a city in Wisconsin that is located by Lake Michigan’s western shore. Milwaukee is very popular for its breweries and baseball. Milwaukee also has a lot of historic and agricultural attractions.

The sales tax rate is 5.6% and the income tax rate is 6.3%. Its unemployment rate is 5.0% and its current job growth is 0.3% and future job growth is 28.3%. Milwaukee's population is 592,025. The cities and towns nearby that surround Milwaukee are:

  • Waukesha, WI
  • Brookfield, WI.
  • Menomonee Falls, WI.
  • Mequon, WI.
  • Sussex, WI.
  • Elm Grove, WI.
  • Germantown, WI.
  • Lannon, WI
  • Many other areas!

Questions and Answers!

What is microblading?

Microblading is a handheld tool that has the pigment of your eyebrow put into it. When using it they do short strokes that leave scratches in your eyebrows to make it look like you have fuller and nicer eyebrows while still giving off the illusion of looking real.

How long does microblading last?

Microblading lasts from somewhere between 18 to 30 months. People usually get them touched up every few months to not have to worry about them completely fading.

How much is microblading?

It really depends on what you are looking to do, if you call today one of our beauticians will do a free consult with you and give you those details.

Do you have to touch up eyebrow tattoos?

Not necessarily. Eyebrow tattoos are just like any tattoos the color fades a little over time, so if you want them more prominent again and darker then yes go for it, but if not then you are fine without touching them up.

Contact US Today

Microblading Milwaukee just wants to make our customers feel great in their skin! That is our purpose for our job and what we love to do! We love being their or our customers and making their visions come to life!

Give us a call anytime and we are happy to book you an appointment! We will answer any questions you may have and will let you know of the cost of what you are wanting! Don’t wait any longer! Call us today!


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